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At Pickard, Health, Safety and the Environment are core values that are part of our everyday work operations. We strive to maintain a balance of delivering projects on time, with quality, and in a safe and responsible manner.
Safety and Environmental policies and procedures are reviewed and updated on a regular basis to ensure we meet and exceed our customer specific and legislative requirements. We endeavor to ensure we prevent all incidents first by understanding the risks associated with every job and mitigate those risks, and second to ensure we have provided the appropriate training, tools and equipment to do the work.
In order to achieve competitive WSIB ratings we review and investigate any incidents or accidents and develop action plans to communicate improved safety learnings to our employees.
Pickard’s safety and environmental policies are strictly approved and audited by Bell, Expertech Network installation, Hydro One, Brookfield, Eastlink and many other companies delivering Telecommunication Construction.

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